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Diagnosed with non-organic psychosis

When we started to support SD, she was back in the UK after living in Italy, where she taught English as a foreign language and learned Italian simultaneously. She was very social and loved to travel.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2016, whilst in Italy, she tried to commit suicide. As a result, she suffered from broken legs, including her knees, arms, elbows and wrists.

We started to support SD in June 2017 and immediately needed to work to build up her confidence, maintain her house, and keep her on top of her paperwork and post. We also took her away on a short trip to improve her self-confidence.

We started with 20 hours a week of support, and over a period of months, were able to help her to attend an interview and secure an official post in a company. We also kept supporting her during her working time to build her confidence.

During a challenging family episode, we were able to support her through safeguarding and working together to improve her mental health during pregnancy. We also worked with the maternity teams in the hospital to prepare for the child’s arrival and explore all areas of how this could affect SD.

The child was born in 2019, and since then SD has thrived. Her mum was taking turns to help with overnight staying with the father of the child, who decided that he would like to be involved.

After a successful and sustained period, we stopped support entirely in 2021.

Diagnoses of non-organic psychosis

Non-organic psychosis is a physical and psychological state, as any mental experiences assumably are, but not an objective medical problem. The cause of one’s experiences cannot be determined by evaluating whether or not they could be labelled a “psychosis”, so we rely on context and a search for physical problems to exclude various explanations.

In a non-organic psychosis, your brain is fine, but you may not be feeling fine or having experiences considered usual, comfortable, or bearable. As mentioned, being non-organic does not mean there is no physical grounding to the experiences—it is just drawing a line between something working ‘incorrectly’ and something working as designed.


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