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RW’s Story

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The situation when we started:

  • She lived in a one-bedroom flat in Patchway
  • Had a three-year-old daughter, who lived with her parents in another part of the South Gloucestershire
  • Challenging relationship with parents, despite parents looking after daughter
  • 16 hours a week of support
  • She was not happy to disclose to anyone that she had support. She called staff members, either auntie or explained to outsiders that the person with them was a friend/cousin.

RW has been diagnosed with the following:

  • ADHD
  • Panic Disorder
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Social Anxiety Disorder

We were lucky to be part of RW’s journey. Staff members primarily supported her by attending a job interview with her and securing work as a waitress at the pub. We also worked on the relationship between RW and her daughter and RW and her parents, which massively improved, and over some time, she was able to have her daughter with her in the flat more often. RW found a partner with whom she got pregnant and now has a 2-year-old son. RW was supported in building a relationship with her daughter, who was also diagnosed with ADHD.

RW was supported in the community to attend several activities, be part of the local gym, and was able to do enjoy her hobbies, like photography and drawing.

Throughout challenges in her next relationship, our staff were able to support RW in making the right decisions for her and her children, through this difficult time.

RW has now secured a three bedroom house with the help of our support workers, to whom she is very close. She enjoys going for long walks with her children and dogs.

As RW has improved, we were able to reduce her support hours to between 4-7 hours per week and are looking into reducing them again in the future.


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